Undertaker EP

by Caretaker/Undersmile

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"Caretaker are post-rocky with melancholic vocals on one of the songs, the other is an instrumental, sludgy tune. That instrumental that kicks off this EP takes its sweet-time getting going, the tracks first half does very little for me but by the time it gets into the second-half, the song has built itself up into an epic, atmospheric piece that sadly seems to end just as it is beginning to cook. Caretaker's other track here, 'The Inexorable March' is easily the pick of the two. The tune is more laid-back compared with the instrumental but is a more dramatic, progressive, minacious, and even aggressive towards the end of the track. This is a colorful, diverse piece that fits a lot into its seven minutes. I really like the way the song builds in harsher, foreboding atmosphere but like the previous track, it all comes to a halt just as it reaches its peak. A few more minutes of this apocalyptic song-building would have done the trick for me but still can't complain too much, this is a great track and Caretaker are a great band.

Then comes Undersmile and you get something completely different. These two tracks are 25 odd minutes of sludgy, droning, monolithic doom that gets under your skin and scrapes at the inside of your brain. Undersmile's center point of course is its two female axe-wielding vixen's, Hel Sterne and Taz Corona. Two women who know their psychedelic droning doom and know how to make it as sickly sounding as possible. The concept behind their tunes is a simple but effective one. Find a monster riff, play it and repeat till it pounds you into the dirt and backed it up with pounding drums, and the feeling of disgruntlement, disillusion, and pure heartless wretchedness. Out the two tracks, the second one, 'Anchor' has a bit more going for it in complexities but both tracks are slow, depressing, persistent, unforgiving doom workouts that avoid any sense of melody or hooks; Undersmile are about making it as unpleasant as possible and while it is unlikely these two tracks will get stuck in your head anytime soon, they are pulverizing in their intensity.

Of the two bands, it is hard to pick a clear winner. Both are great bands but both very different so they kind of clash on this EP but it is still a great showcase for both bands and a great way to get to know both bands if you have never checked them out before. One last thing; the production on this EP is excellent so congrats to both bands on a job well done"

Review by Doommantia.com


released September 5, 2011


Seb Carey – Bass, vocals
Harry Goodchild – Guitar, vocals
Sam Mitchell – Drums, vocals
Lead vocals on "The Inexorable March" courtesy of Michael Woodman of Thumpermonkey Lives!


Tom McKibbin - Drums
Olly Corona-Brown - Bass guitars
Hel Sterne - Vocals and rhythm / lead guitars
Taz Corona-Brown - Vocals and rhythm guitars
Guest guitar on Anchor by Umair Chaudhry

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Umair Chaudhry at Silver Street Studios
Artwork by Zubair Chaudhry



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