Senseless Everything EP

by Futureproof

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Written and recorded over 2 years worth of jams and experiments

(For lyrics click on each song)


released April 8, 2019

Umair Chaudhry and Stephen Frame (Everything)
Recorded at Soundworks in Oxford


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Senseless Everything
Smiley-face dystopia
Slick marketing
Oppressive scrutinization of every single thing
Mankind reduced to the level of consumer drone
A world reduced by fucking cunts to a polarised, divided warzone

Feeding the lies that maintain the disguise
Full-effect shit bombardment
If we have never had it so good then why do I feel so redundant?
See the failings of failures and join the longest line
Industry of idiocy - a terminal decline

So to face another day
More despair and more dismay
Opinions proliferate but only fuel the rising hate
Walls may be closing in but don't let negativity win
Cast off - throw away
Don't care what they have to say

Amplify the meaningless
Advertise the tedious
Underneath a vast machine
Known as senseless everything

Riding waves of nothingness
Contemplate the end
Greeting the oppressor as a long-forgotten friend
A joyous life of happiness could lie within your touch
But misery loves company and hatred is an easy crutch

You don't have to look for proof that we've all been completely duped
Insurmountable price to live
Where is the alternative?
If you cannot see the product then YOU ARE the fucking product
Century twenty-one - how far have we really come?

Amplify the meaningless
Advertise the tedious
Decimated human beings
Name of senseless everything

No more senseless everything
Track Name: Light Bearing Gun
Knee jerk reaction, face in their dirt
Malnourished reason, quenching their thirst
Astral dictation, pillar to post
Their right of way, your right of wrong

No sword
No voice

Wordless agreements, make no amends
Reality vortex, sucked in again
Cast from their shadow, frozen and stunned
Remorseless again, light bearing gun

No sword
No voice

Fucked sense, Fucked sense of reality
No sense, No sense of reality

Swing of the axe
Chain of command
Senseless revenge wasn't that hard
Tissue is punctured
Kiss of good steel
Undying masses should know how I feel

No sword
No voice



Raising the stakes
Possible heights
Lines have been drawn
Time now to fight
Volcanic birth
No wrong or right
Ready to fire
Gun bearing light
Track Name: Blight
The roads are completely fucking choked
Everyone's completely given up

Slow accident

So now I force myself to end it
Absolute recipe for illness

A guarantee
But no stability

Programmed - the brain - inferior worth - my feelings suppressed
Insult - chastise - impersonate the bleeding heart
A funeral - no chance - the rot sets in - blight takes hold
What kingdom - disdain - no pallbearer could carry this weight

A season - to seek - to falter - to break in half
If these eyes - could speak - I'd take those lies and piss on them all
I'm bloodbound - I'm crazed - I have no time
So what's left? To build - to nurture - then cut right down

Supermassive ruin/When people ask me what I do I don't know what to say/I lie

The union - entrenched - the fertile land's a burial ground
Tormented - inside - no escape from this fucking hell
A wasteland - a ruin - the crumbling tower is now in sight
Legion - disgust - battalion of rats heralds the blight

Symbolic ruin
Will it ever change?
Symbolic ruin
Easy to arrange

So easy
Track Name: Demons To Sum
Feed the scars, the grain and shards
Molested right to praise
The scorn the proof is drowned in filth
Drink from the cup
Spread the flame, a nation's heart
Led by the sheep in front
Throw the blame, scorch the sun
Compassion soaked in blood

Call for their heads
A heretic
You thought we were obsolete

Eternity for blasphemy
A word ends a life
Feigned hero, brings false hope
He's a puppet pulled by strings
Murdered rights, wings are clipped
Beaten like a dog
Chaos rules the righteous ones
Life ruled by the mob

It means nothing
Now pay the price

Hang the snakes, assassinate
Leech cut from the wound
Glorify your cause and fight
Purify the hive
Silence all opposing views
Desecrate the fools
Serve them up as sacrifice
Save yourselves the first

How does who watch/if who watch me
How does sleep walk/if sleep walk sees
How to define irony
How does who watch/if who watch me

Retreat into the womb
Your only friend is you

In an unsightly grave
For which you've gladly paid

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